Error booting, kernel panic importing zpool after system upgrade, including to zfs 0.8.5->2.0.1

Hi all, anyone see this or know what the problem might be? I just about gave myself a heart attack until I discovered the root cause

running luks encrypted ZFS root, EFI boot, on kernel 5.9.11-3 with zfs-utils(etc) version 0.8.5-2

Did a full system upgrade today and system no longer boots from any kernel. With the update, latest 5.10 was installed, latest 5.9 was upgraded to and latest LTS was installed. boot loader asks for LUKS password, then kernel panics trying to import the root zpool(says no zpools found before panic). Same thing on all kernels. And then I booted from a manjaro usb to investigate. At first I forgot that I was using LUKS instead of native ZFS encryption so thats where the heart attack part came in, I couldnt find any evidence of a zpool until i opened the LUKS device:)

Currently using grub but replicated with refind.

Eventually realized that ZFS had been upgraded on all the kernels and zfs-utils to 2.0.1-1. Reinstalled my old 5.9.11 kernel with zfs modules and zfs utils version 0.8.5. System can boot again! any one else encounter this or have an idea what the problem could be?


Anyone have any ideas? Still stuck on this

Ive updated my branch to unstable and reinstalled all the latest linux zfs kernels and zfs-utils. Still the same issue. Trying to upload the screenshot of the kernel panic but its not letting me. Here’s a link ibbDOTco/By6t3S0