Erasing of text not working in Libreoffice Calc



First of all hello everyone!

I have a very weird problem (bug)…
After the update to backspace has stopped working in Calc while editing text in a cell or in the equation input box. During typing, I would expect that pressing backspace would erase the character at left to the cursor, but nothing happens when I press the key. The delete key works. :thinking:

Also the backspace key is working everywhere else, including Libreoffice Writer and Impress.

I tried re-installing Libreoffice and renaming the ~/.config/libreoffice folder. This did not help.
Please let me know if what additional information I can give you since I currently feel quite lost…

Problems with copy pasting after Feb 19 update

I do not have problem erasing characters with backspace on Manjaro Cinnamon on my side with libreoffice 6.2.0-3.

Perhaps it is DE-dependent? I see someone said having a similar issue with LO 6.2.0, but according to his profile, he uses KDE.

EDIT: It seems to be a regression in Libre Office itself when used in KDE. It has been reported in LO bug tracker.

It’s not the only problem with LO 6.2.0 with KDE. For example, on Arch (and on the topic I linked earlier), some users reported to have problem when using Copy + Paste for example.


I seem to have the same problem, backspace not working in a cell.

KDE Plasma / Unstable branch / LO Version:

:Edit: Shift and backspace does the correct thing.


Thanks. This seems to be the issue as I am also using KDE.

It seems to work if I force Libreoffice to use the GTK3 theme, as shown in

export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3; libreoffice --calc

Also according to the links posted by Frog, it should be fixed in 6.2.1.

LibreOffice Calc: Löschtaste funktioniert nicht mehr

Thanks for posting this. Fixes the issue with Writer not being able to copy or paste either.

export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3; libreoffice --writer


I fixed it with Tools→Options→LibreOffice Calc→Compatibility→Key Bindings→ legacy, then a restart.