Epson WF-4630 Print Driver

I'm working with a Dell/Insperion laptop. this the latest thing: SSD, Ryzen 5 chip, and Radeon graphics

MJ finds the printer and identifies it as Epson WF-4630, however: I can't find a driver for it. CUPS lists maybe a hundred Epson drivers -- but -- no WF-4630 :slight_smile:

normally I could get the .deb from the Epson downloads, but: for MJ I need the MJ format,--
any clues or help will be appreciated

As fas I can see there are a lot of epson drivers on the AUR

Yes. However the WF-4630 is not listed. This is available from Epson, but only in .deb or .rpm format. Is there any way to install .deb or .rpm in Manjaro ?

This has been a bit of a nasty experience for me: I don't like converting laptops to Linux: they often have proprietary setups internally and this Dell/Inspiron 15 5000 Series seems to be no exception: it won't run with current versions of LMDE/4, MINT 19.3 or even straight Debian. But: it does run with Manjaro -- I think likely because the current Manjaro has Kernel 5.6

I gave it to my daughter anyway; anything that needs printed we'll export as PDF and run it on the guest machine here.

I use:

$ pacman -Qm 
epson-inkjet-printer-escpr 1.7.7-1

For my WF-2760. That driver seems to support many WF- printers. If you do not get a better suggestion, I suggest you try it.

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