ePass2003Auto DSC

Ok, so I followed this link Thomas Menari and got the following results:

tshering@AsRock:~$ systemctl start pcscd
tshering@AsRock:~$ opensc-tool -l
# Detected readers (pcsc)
Nr.  Card  Features  Name
0    Yes             FT ePass2003Auto 00 00
tshering@AsRock:~$ opensc-tool --name
Using reader with a card: FT ePass2003Auto 00 00
tshering@AsRock:~$ opensc-tool --list-drivers
Available card drivers:
  cardos           Siemens CardOS
  flex             Schlumberger Multiflex/Cryptoflex
  cyberflex        Schlumberger Cyberflex
  gpk              Gemplus GPK
  gemsafeV1        Gemalto GemSafe V1 applet
  asepcos          Athena ASEPCOS
  starcos          STARCOS
  tcos             TCOS 3.0
  oberthur         Oberthur AuthentIC.v2/CosmopolIC.v4
  authentic        Oberthur AuthentIC v3.1
  iasecc           IAS-ECC
  belpic           Belpic cards
  incrypto34       Incard Incripto34
  akis             TUBITAK UEKAE AKIS
  entersafe        entersafe
  epass2003        epass2003
  rutoken          Rutoken driver
  rutoken_ecp      Rutoken ECP and Lite driver
  myeid            MyEID cards with PKCS#15 applet
  dnie             DNIe: Spanish eID card
  MaskTech         MaskTech Smart Card
  atrust-acos      A-Trust ACOS cards
  westcos          WESTCOS compatible cards
  esteid2018       EstEID 2018
  idprime          Gemalto IDPrime
  coolkey          COOLKEY
  muscle           MuscleApplet
  sc-hsm           SmartCard-HSM
  mcrd             MICARDO 2.1 / EstEID 3.0 - 3.5
  setcos           Setec cards
  PIV-II           Personal Identity Verification Card
  cac              Common Access Card (CAC)
  itacns           Italian CNS
  isoApplet        Javacard with IsoApplet
  gids             GIDS Smart Card
  openpgp          OpenPGP card
  jpki             JPKI(Japanese Individual Number Cards)
  npa              German ID card (neuer Personalausweis, nPA)
  cac1             Common Access Card (CAC 1)
  default          Default driver for unknown cards
tshering@AsRock:~$ opensc-tool --list-readers
# Detected readers (pcsc)
Nr.  Card  Features  Name
0    No              FT ePass2003Auto 00 00

and this

But when I try to test the DSC on this website emBridge it doesn’t work. Searching in about config section in Firefox shows Javascript as enabled. Is there something I am missing here ??
Please help

P.S.Also to let you know I downloaded files from eMudhra Repository for General Downloads for Linux but didn’t install them as they supported .deb and .rpm format.