Enrolling fingerprints - using Windows files?

Hello dear Manjaro community,

I’ve been using Manjaro for quite a while now and will definitely stick to it. One major issue that bothers me however is the (missing) possibility of using my device’s fingerprint sensor.
I have an Acer Nitro 5 Spin with fingerprint sensor - that kind that’s similar to a smartphone fingerprint sensor where you just have to put your finger on it instead of swiping down (like on Thinkpads).

I’ve read countless tutorials and forum threads dealing with this issue - all to no avail. I simply cannot enroll my fingerprints in such a way that the system could use it reliably.
Is there any way to use the fingerprint files of Windows? I’ve installed Win 10 alongside Manjaro and there the fingerprint scanner works like a charm.

I hope this question belongs here and thanks a ton in advance!

Most likely not.

Did you try what the wiki recommends you to do?

Some, newer thinkpads actually also have this smartphone alike fingerprint reader.

Thanks; of course I checked the wiki articles but that unfortunately didn’t help me either.

As I said, the process of enrolling itself works (strangely better via terminal than via fingerprint-gui) but the enrolled fingerprints hardly ever work.

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I know this is a few months late, but you might want to look at this: GitHub - uunicorn/python-validity: Validity fingerprint sensor prototype

I was able to get my X1 Yoga Gen2 Fingerprint working with these instructions.

In case you found this already, I had a hell of a time finding these instructions again so it couldn’t hurt in case anybody in the future was looking for this question!