EnglishUS Manjaro 19 安装了Wine以及Wine tricks. 用PlayOnLinux 读取一款免安装中文Win32游戏,满屏乱码不识别简中

Already installed the following

sudo pacman -S adobe-source-han-sans-cn-fonts

sudo pacman -S wine

sudo pacman -Syu playonlinux

sudo pacman -Syu winetricks

可以尝试把windows系统下 Windows/Fonts 下的所有字体都复制到wine配置目录的
drive_c/Windows/Fonts下面, 然后再试着运行一下.

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Thanks for pointing out a direction; however, I currently do not have a Windows computer that can input Chinese to copy fonts from.

yay -S lutris

看看 lutris 的仓库介绍

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