Energy saving when the system is inactive

Hi all.

My computer is left idle quite often. As far as I know, constantly turning the computer on and off is more harmful than just leaving it, since temperature changes have a bad effect on equipment + the HDD wears out when spinning up during startup.

Is it possible to reduce power consumption when the computer has been idle for a while? I didn’t find a “deep” setting for this in KDE Plasma, only very simple things like turning off the monitor.

Perhaps it’s possible to automatically turn on the power saving mode for the GPU and CPU or something like that?

“Suspend session” is not suitable, since I can leave the computer on so that it downloads a large file, for example.

You can change the power governor of the CPU.

Power management on Linux is a more difficult topic, because this is done under the hood on operating system level and not at desktop environment KDE.

I would suggest, for optimizing of engergy saving you should have a look into Power management.

Have a look at:
I think TLP is laptop only solution, isn’t it? Or should it be used for PC?
My topic is about a PC, about avoiding waste of electricity during idle.

I don’t think so, as I only have a desktop and I have it. Although, I never use it, so don’t know if it does anything.