So I installed EndeavourOS, the spiritual successor to the much-missed Antergos, last night. It uses the Calamares installer, and is just as easy to install as Manjaro. It also offers 6 DEs to choose from using the online installer, as did Antergos.

What you get is pretty close to vanilla Arch. Pamac is not installed; I didn't try yay.

However, it is vanilla Arch, with an 8-minute installation. Those who wish to get right to the taproot should certainly take a look.

I was amused by a guy on the forms who praised Endeavour for not taking "hours and hours" deleting programs he didn't want. It doesn't take that long to remove programs you don't want, and it can take (especially from the AUR) "hours and hours" to install the apps you DO want.


That's what I really love about arch, no kitchen sink and dirty dishes.
It's a bare OS.


our next release, ... will contain the following features:

Translations for the Welcome app
Luks encryption in Calamares --> Woohoo! :grin:
Updated branding and theming for Calamares
A separate Nvidia ISO, so users with a newer Nvidia GPU can boot the ISO
The regular core system updates such as the Linux kernel and mesa updates

Some of these features need a little fine-tuning, so you can expect the next release mid-March.

Each EOS ISO i have tested from Beta to & including "endeavouros-2019.12.22-x86_64.iso" [premiered their new Net Installer] has a broken Calamares; it aborts if i select LUKS for home. Atm afaik it remains impossible to install EOS with an out-of-the-box LUKS-home partition [at least for my combo of UEFI + GPT] without doing it manually, which kinda sorta defeats the benefit of bothering with a graphical installer.

EOS in most other respects is a pretty nice & welcome project, but absence of LUKS in Calamares [EDIT: Explicitly home partition only, NOT FDE] was always a showstopper for me. If they do indeed fix this in next ISO, that will be a really good development. Until then [& tbh long after then too], Arch via Archfi continues to keep me most contented [with CJ as my standby boot option].


So is this what Morse would have used?
Anyway interesting but only has xfce for off line install...so if you have crapnet and want plasma, oh well. Maybe they'll add it later.

Not sure if you saw this one yet?

May include a few more items (btrfs, timeshift) than what you are looking for, but nevertheless a very interesting approach in my opinion.

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I did write

I was pretty much trying to infer that i want my separate home partition --only-- to be LUKSed, ipso facto not FDE. Hence

GPT/UEFI install with full disk encryption

is a mis-match for my objective.

Ta [=thanks] anyway.

Edited my OP to clarify the part you quoted.

It's been on my to try list since they've added other DEs. It was XFCE only the last time (not my ideal flavour). It was alright. I'm too infatuated with my i3 currently to ruin my install yet. But once I'm bored or broken, I'll give it another go.

and be care not to use a system with manjaro/arch already on the machine, it will destroy the grub
deed an install on usb from my machine with manjaro, the grub vanished

Morse would of used Manjaro since Antergos is dead and EvdeavourOS is no Antergos. On a side note there will be a series 8 for Endeavour.

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LUKS encryption and other stuff was only recently fixed by upstream and Manjaro developers with 19.0.2 release. Calamares is mostly focused on ArcoLinux, Manjaro and KDE Neon, as those are the project hot customers. EndeavourOS is just another adopter who use it.

Here some examples 3rd-party distros normally miss when project developers of Calamares fixes issues on their distros:

There are people who make GUI installers for Arch now, for those who don’t like the CLI. I tried one out that used Calamares and it worked well. Installed with no borking.

Edit: Replied to wrong person, but point stands nonetheless.

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Arch with calamares?! I've tried zen, and archfi script. Please link! I would love to give that a shot too!

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would have used


You mean YOU fixed something that didn't need fixing.

Here you go. Works like any other Live USB. You’ll need to find Calamres in the list of installed applications.

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And, after a disastrous attempt to install Arch itself, and now a truly vanilla Arch system, is indeed truly vanilla.

Pacman isn't even installed, just yay. Pamac is in the AUR. Then I could get started.

It's an adventure, the good kind.

If it was a truly Arch system, Pacman would be install. Yay actually runs using pacman. :wink:

Erm...are we talking about endeavouros, because it ships with pacman. Maybe you meant pamac?

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Well, I had to use yay to install pacman (which, I understand has been supplanted by yay) and pamac. gtk2-patched-gdkwin-nullcheck

When I said that it is a bare-bones system, it is 100% true. Building my system almost completely from scratch is big fun.

The newbie category on the Arch forums opens with "This is for Arch users only, not any easy-to-install version."

Snobbish much? The Endeavour forums, fortunately, are as friendly as these forums are. As someone said, "Arch is Arch. We don't do things that way."

I do think I'll stay with Endeavour. I adore Manjaro for its easy intro to, well, the best distro out there.

One thing that Antergos did that afaik, they were the only system allowing choice of DEs, the way which has been continued with EndeavourOS :grin:.

As Antergos pointed out, it means you (very smartly) only need to release one version, rather than multiple versions which are all a single DE.

I'll stay on these forums, as I have stayed on the Ubuntu forums; you guys are too much fun. :grinning:

In EOS(and in most other arch derivatives), yay depends on pacman so it can't exist without it. yay couldn't install pacman unless pacman was already installed.

It is a trade-off. A single net-installer allows you to download things on the fly but requires a lot of bandwidth and doesn't work offline. The multiple installers manjaro has not only allows you to install offline but allows you to try each DE in the live environment.

There is no right answer there. :man_shrugging:

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