Encryption of a Laptop

I am used when installing some distro of being offered to encrypt the “installation”

Am I right saying that when install Manjaro XFCE we are not offered that ? Or may be I did missed it ?

What is the easiest way to encrypt my laptop ? So if someone take the HD and put it into another computer, they can’t access the info ?


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i hear the microwave makes for strong encryption :exploding_head:

yup, you missed it. it’s an option when installing.

you could also keep your important documents in a folder and use something like gpg to encrypt it

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I will google but if one of your know the easy steps to do what I missed at installation let me know
I want to be forced to enter password to boot and also if someone has the laptop, and take out the disk, I want the Data encrypted

I have an idea how to do it, but usually did it in the bast with the installer holding my hand to do it LOL

if enterin a password in order to boot is what your after, set a BIOS password. if your looking for full encryption from manjaro, re-install and dont skip it in the install process. sorry cant be more specific, i dont use the disk encryption.


I am reinstalling :slight_smile:

i dont know what ISO you have but if it’s an 18.0.2, download a new one. 18.0.2 has issues with encryption

EDIT: 18.0.3 has the encryption issue. not 18.0.2

I thought that was 18.03?

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yes, you are right. thanks for correcting. i’ll edit post

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