Enabling ipv6 privacy extensions by default

I noticed that Manjaro does not enable ipv6 privacy extentions by default. I can do this manually by going into saved networks and enabling it for that particular network. (see attached image below). However I would like to make this the default and not have to change it manually per connection. Is there a guide on how to do this in Manjaro?


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I does not make sense to use the privacy extension, if you already use the “stable privacy” IPv6 address generation mode.
This mode is the default, it will generate a new Host part every time you connect with this connection.

Thanks. Can you recommend a good reading material on the difference between privacy extensions and the stable privacy option?

No just the RFC for both methods.

But I was wrong about how often the host part changes with the “stable privacy” method.
It changes only if you get a new IPv6 Network Prefix. I did not noticed that at home, because I get every 24h a new Network identifier form my ISP.

If you only get a IPv6 Network Prefix for your network over a long time, the “privacy extension” with “prefer temporary address” in addition to the “stable privacy” Method can make sense for you.



Awesome thanks