Enabling autoresize of partition after any boot

I back up all my sbc:s by mounting a network drive, creating an img file and then using rsync to keep the img file up to date.

On other os, ie rpi os and armbian I have made scripts that can handle creating and resizing of the img file, and I will do that on manjaro as well. Having an img file that is 64gb because the sd-card is that big is not usable for me.
So what I always depend on is a way for the os to autoresize back to full size of sd-card.

I read on the ARM wiki that:

Since 18.09 this is now done automatically. The device will boot to OEM setup, which will handle the resizing, and then reboot before the login screen would appear. When it’s booted to the login screen, the filesystem has been resized to fill out the remaining space on the SD card.

How is this done? Is there a simple systemd service I can use like on armbian? I tried looking through them but could not find one.
Is there a way to reinitialize the resize process somehow or do I have to do that manually with resize2fs etc?

Hello Bedna, nice to see you again!


sudo resize-fs

Good luck!

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