Enable caja colored files option

I have persistence (i don’t now if translated correctly by google) with mate environment.
No one is perfect !
So i try to install caja folder’s color on manjaro .
At Ubuntu is installed and i try find deference’s between two distros and where is (on ubuntu )the file who activates color change.
I know maybe is not possible or may damage my system or … but i try it.
Any suggestions are welcome!

you need to install folder-color-switcher from AUR. Go to pamac/preferences and enable AUR repos, then install the helper sudo pacman -Syu yay and install the package yay -S folder-color-switcher

Is so easy? i start looking whereis locate caja color
Now in on ubuntu start set up and install all apps i need.
when turn on manjaro i search that you post.
enable AUR repos = ON
yayis installed .
Thank you but disappointing a bit ( for stop my research).
Anyway i find something alse to deal with!!

The use of whereis o locate is when you have the package installed, if you don’t know, you can run sudo pacman -Ss package or yay -Ss package to search that package, also it’ll tell you if you have it installed.
A little experiment, run yay -Ss caja, you’ll see all packages related to caja and witch ones you have installed. Then try the same but with sudo pacman -Ss caja

Have fun!!!

From yay any file related with color caja even nemo nautilus is installed !!!
yay -Ss caja don’t show any new app that is NOT installed already.!
sudo pacman -Ss caja too.
So my journey just start !
My thoughts are to discover all caja color … on ubuntu and compare with files on manjaro and add that i (hope) missing !
Thank you for your help.

Sometimes would be some differences, sometimes is just the same package that use ubuntu but compile from the source