Enable asking for su password everytime I change gnome-settings

I use Manjaro with GNOME 42 and I have gnome-settings as an settings’ application. I want to enable the “ask for (su) password” everytime someone change a single part of settings in gnome-settings.
Is it possible to enable this?

See the GNOME System Administration Guide

That “someone” can, as far as I can see, only be a legitimate (logged in) user.
And changing the settings inside that account does not require sudo.

You want to essentially lock the account, protect it from it being changed?
… sudo is very unlikely to be the way to go - as it is not even needed there

But maybe I should not have said anything here, since I do not use Gnome and don’t know that settings app you mention.
In that case: sorry for the noise!

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Great! Thank you, but there is only one example to lock down, about wallpapers. How can I lock multitasking settings for example and other. I do not know “names” of this settings e.g. for wallpapers is file 00_default-wallpaper and changing /org/gnome/desktop, for extensions I had to change /org/gnome/shell. And what about the rest? :slight_smile:

Yes, but I have laptop and I give it to my teammates or colleagues sometimes. And I am an untrustful person. :sweat_smile: That is why I want to lock these settings and only allow the basic ones (like network connection, bluetooth and other options).
I hope it’s an understandable situation. :innocent:

Why not create a guest account for this purpose?
Let them have this one - and possibly mess with it instead of yours.

And implement some things there like this:

Lock down enabled extensions

It is from a quick look through the guide that @Yochanan linked you to.

I know. I did it. I do not want guest account because I do not see any purpose of this for long time period.

If a scenario like you described is not a purpose to have a guest account then I don’t know what is.
But this is not my decision to make but yours.


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