Emergency Mode: Failed to start

My system became a bit laggy and I decided to reboot: This tooks me into Emergence Mode

Failed to start File system
Dependency failed for /mnt/Daten   # this is one partition from my Harddrive, where private Data is stored
Dependency failed for Local File System
see systemctl status "systemd-fsck@dev\x2d9...ce6.service" for details   # x2d9...ce6 is /mnt/Daten

Running this, I get:

File System Check on /dev-x2d9...ce6.service
Loaded: Loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-fsck0.service; static)
Active: Inactive (dead)

What shall I do?

Solved: I run gParted from an USB-Stick and started a Check.
After that, reboot worked fine!

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