Emergency command line at boot due to boot.efi mount exited, failed to mount & key missing

i was trying to enable EFI on Manjaro under chroot and the result is that the system boots into emergency mode. Here are screen shots.

boot.efi mount exited error 32 ($ errno 32 => EPIPE 32 Broken pipe , maybe something else), failed to mount /boot/efi
(in chroot i also added /boot/efi mount point, because it was not there from times the HDD was not UEFI ready)
signature and/or required key missing

Would you suggest any commands to run in chroot or in that emergency mode?

After i have removed the line i have previously added:
UUID=uuid_z_lsblk_f /boot/efi Fat32 defaults,noatime 0 2
from /etc/fstab, then it booted into the GUI, yet it asked two times for LUKS password…