Email link does not launch Thunderbird mail on Chromium

I use Thunderbird mail. The email link does not launch when using Chromium. I have several computers with Manjaro, and they all have the the exact same issue.The Thunderbird link launches fine on Firefox, but not Chromium. I have also Kubuntu on my second hard drive on the same computer, and the email launches fine on Chromium. Therefore there is a program or something missing on Manjaro, and I have no clue what it is! I installed Kmail just to see may be a shared program was missing, but that didn’t do anything. Here’s the error message I get this error message:


Kernel: 5.10.60-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 11.1.0
Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.22.4 Distro: Manjaro Linux base: Arch Linux

I just wanted to further clarify the issue I’m having . We have a customer database with email, address, and etc. I have to copy and paste the email link into Thunerbird if want to send an email to that customer using the Chromium browser. How ever, I can click the email link in Firefox, and the Thunderbird launches right away. I remember about more than a year ago I didn’t have this issue with the Chromium browser, but something has been changed at some point.

If it works on Firefox, nothing is missing from Manjaro and it’s probably a Chroimium bug, so please read this:

Especially the What’s this Upstream/Downstream business??? section and then file a bug upstream


Any idea as to why the email link works in Chromium-Kubuntu 20.04, and 21.04?
One thought came to my mind is that Kubuntu uses Chromium via Snap. I may try that on my test computer, but I really don’t want to go that route even if it works!

Make sure you have xdg-utils installed, which should contain xdg-email. Though since it works in Firefox, you should have it installed already.

Also go to: systemsettings5 → Applications → Email Client

And select Thunderbird as the email client.

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xdg-utils is already installed and the default email is set on Thunderbird.

Just for the curiosity I installed Chromium via Snap on my test computer to see if it works…, and Thunderbird mail launches like it suppose to when you lick on an email link! Therefore the problem is not Manjaro.
Manjaro uses the version so hopefully it will get fixed when the Chromium gets updated to the newer version. How ever, I’m not going to mess with Chromium/Snap on my main computer! :grinning:

I take it back. I have the Manjaro test version on my test computer. I just did an update and the community Chromium version is now 93.0.4577.63. That is the same version as Snap’s. I removed Chromium/Snap version and reinstalled the official Manjaro repositories, and now I get the same error message when I try to click on an email link. So something is wrong with the community version! :confused:

Something is wrong with the community version… of… hold it… Chromium!!! so: