Elisa music player gets uninstalled automatically

the elisa app gets uninstalled automatically on my system. It is random . i have encountered this issue 3 times in this week.
it was installed from the official repo{extra} using pamac.
Is there anyone with the same problem??
now on i am going to use the flatpak version, but i heally hope to use it from the official repo

My guess without been an expert it might be conflicting with something else you have installed, maybe something from AUR you have installed?

yeah… maybe possible.

but i have only 2 aur packages 1. dupeguru
2. brother printer driver.
just updated my kernel to 5.10 LTS. lets see for another week.

Elisa has several dependencies, including VLC.

If you somehow uninstalled one of these, Elisa had been removed alongside.

Packages don’t just remove themselves.
What did you do to trigger it?
Did you get (and read) any messages from your package manager?

Let’s find out what’s going on. Please post the output of the following

grep "elisa" /var/log/pacman.log

i feel stupid.
i just removed the vlc player (official repo) and installed the flatpak one.
the vlc (official repo) was crashing …so i had done this several times back and forth
vlc was in fact a dependency.
did this through cli (pacman)
maybe i have ignored the warning.

sorry for the delay. i was busy with my exams.

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