Elementary trying to build AppCenter for Everyone


Could this be a universal app format for the Linux ecosystem?



Source: https://xkcd.com/927/


No .. because it doesnt present any new app format.
We have some that are 'universal' already - appimage, flatpak, snaps.
What this is is a 'software center' where you could download and install various package formats. Its other main aim is for monetization.
Again - this is an application for managing software and I guess elementary want to work to make it compatible with other distros - but it doesnt bring any new packaging or anything like that ..


Thank you for the explanation. Do you think this could make distributing applications, and managing applications easier for users on desktop Linux, than other software centers?

One of the limitations I find with software, is that you cannot install packages at the same time, they are queued for installation.

That depends on what you mean by easier or better ..
We already have tons of ways of installing or managing software .. for example we have the pamac gui which should also soon get support for flatpaks.
I personally dont see much point of this, and/or wouldnt use it.
The main 'draw' for it has absolutely nothing to do with end users .. it has to do with the ability for developers to maintain a revenue stream.

As for

Thats rather intended in most cases. I think I vaguely remember some distro(s) that released updates in big enclosed packs and would update that at once. Which is probably the only sane/safe way to do what you are proposing.. and I'm still not even sure if the underlying workings actually installed the separate items in parallel. And then in the end .. its like doing a full ubuntu version dist-upgrade for every update. Which doesnt sound too palatable to me.

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Like @cscs said once NO.

I like the idea of app centers, with a caveat. They're required to include discovery of all programs ... similar to pamac or synaptic.


We’ll be rebuilding our publishing back-end , AppCenter Dashboard, from the ground up around a new, confined app format. Specifically, we’ve endorsed Flatpak as the future of app packaging on elementary OS—and we’ve been working with folks from Flathub to collaborate on the underlying system.

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