'ELAN1401:00 04F3:30DC Touchpad' not accepting tap to click on KDE

My ELAN1401:00 04F3:30DC Touchpad is not accepting tap to click.
I can see that the option is disabled yet even after enabling it, it does’nt seem to work.
Any help to resolve this issue would be appreciated.

$ xinput list
to see what your touchpad id is.

$ xinput list-props <touchpad id>
to see the actual properties and their values.

See if you can get something like this (from my laptop):

Device 'ELAN1200:00 04F3:3090 Touchpad':
        Device Enabled (179):   1
        libinput Tapping Enabled (335): 1 // This is what you're looking for

There is no Tapping option present.
There is a Tap Action present with 7 zeroes in it.

I don’t have that one. Worth trying, won’t break anything anyway.