Elan/Elantech touchpad "dragging friction/stuck fingers issue" on Lenovo Ideapad

Well, not directly related but might be better than creating another thread just for it.
I just bought a Lenovo Ideapad laptop that unfortunately comes with a crappy Elan/Elantech touchpad (avoid these things if you can, besides the Ideapad doesn’t offer any advanced Bios options, no easy safe way to flash modded bios, etc…)
Movement is a bit iffy because the touchpad cover uses a kind of heavy plastic, feels like rubber, the fingers get sweat and drag on it, really difficult to do simple things like select text or drag windows for example.
Do you know of any particular setting that could improve the Dragging movement while holding down the button? (there’s not even a proper “button” on it, the whole touchpad moves down because there’s a spring below… really awful design…)
To give one example, when I’m playing any first person shooter for example, there are times when I need to shoot AND move at the same time, or shoot and look to the sides without releasing the button (machineguns) When I need to move the mouse WHILE holding down the click button, movement just stops after a few pixels.
Is there a setting to overcome that?
I already disabled the “disable while typing” parameter with the help of libinput, and that helped immensely.

No, it isn’t. Different laptop with different questions. When unsure, create your own post and refer to another related thread if applicable.

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Thanks then.
I didn’t realized I had written down a full text anyway, I thought it would end up a bit shorter, the amount of work was the same LOL

(this might be only relevant for Laptop users)
Just sharing something that I found out by accident. For different reasons, I tried different Linux distros in the past few weeks and one of them MX Linux. The first thing I notice on MX when I go to change my mouse settings on 1st boot is that it offered more options regarding mouse/touchpad movement. Then I go to the terminal and notice that xinput (Synaptics driver, the “older” driver that is not maintained anymore) is being used, instead of libinput (the one Manjaro uses, that loads the Elan driver)
xinput list-props 11 (number depends on your device number)
Shows me many more advanced touchpad movement options.
Touchpad movement is much smoother on MX Linux overall (this is also the case on Xubuntu 20.10) at least in the case of these crappy sucky Elan touchpads. They work much much better using the “old” Synaptics driver.
Just something to consider for future releases.
I see that libinput is still installed on MX, but I guess it’s not being used? I don’t know exactly what’s happening. But cool, it’s working, that’s what matters.