ELAN 1200 touchpad keeps disconnecting

Hello everyone.

This is my first question of the forum, so I hope I am not breaking any rules :slight_smile: .

I have Asus ROG Strix 17 GL703GE model laptop and I keep having problems with the touchpad driver.
The touchpad model is ELAN 1200.
The issue is that the touchpad often starts jumping around and disconnects from time to time.
Previously I used a quick fix by reloading the driver with this commands:

modprobe -r hid-multitouch
modprobe hid-multitouch

but since few days ago, the command only works occasionally.

The kernel version that I am using is: 5.0.
After switching to kernel 5.0, the random disconnects don't happen while I use the laptop but they happen when I close the lid and open it again. After that the touchpad becomes laggy for couple of seconds and then stops working so I need to do a restart.

I am not sure if this is directly a Manjaro problem but I would like to know if someone has experienced the same issue and has found a way to fix it because it's annoying to carry a mouse with me everywhere I go?

Cheers :slight_smile:

disable tlp
sudo systemctl disable tlp
sudo systemctl disable tlp-sleep
then reboot and check if touchpad works

So far it looks good. I will test it for a day and if everything is fine I will mark it as solved

Unfortunately, it happened again this morning. When I opened the lid, the touchpad became really laggy for couple of seconds and then started working completely so I had to do a restart.

Which kernel are you running, @Catatafish ? Please try linux50 if you're not using that one already.!

Thanks for the reply. I was using 4.19. I am now installing 5.0 and we will see what happens

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Unfortunately the same thing just happened. After I opened the lid, the touchpad started lagging and stopped working after that. This started happening few days ago. Before that it was just disconnecting so I reloaded the driver and it was fine again.
Although it is worth noting that now I am not experiencing those random disconnects that were happening every 5 or 10 mins

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