Ehm ... 20.1 Mikah release date ... again!

Hi there. I know that I’ve become annoying but I would like to post a question which I also asked 12 days ago. Could you please tell me when 20.1 iso is likely to be released? Thanks and sorry for bothering you again.

If you’ve asked this question 12 days ago, then the answer is still the same today as it was 12 days ago.

The software in the release-candidate .iso is the same as in the installed distribution. The reason why it’s called a release candidate is because the organization of the .iso may yet change, depending on what software the member base would like to see included, and whether the developers feel that something else should be included or omitted, or set as the default, et al.

Please be patient. It’ll be ready when it’s ready. :man_shrugging:


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I’m on the stable branch. But my /etc/lsb-release says :

Yes, you are already using Mikah. Like I said, it’s not the software versions which determine whether the .iso is a release candidate, but the layout of the .iso itself.

The .iso is a release candidate. The installed operating system itself is stable.

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You’re right. I could easily use the 20.0.3 iso, go through all the necessary updates and finally reach the current state. I just want to avoid these updates by using a fresh up-to-date iso.

Well, there’s another update coming down the pike today, and it may require some manual intervention, so be sure to read @philm’s two opening posts. :arrow_down:

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