Efivarfs error after upgrading Kernel

Hello to everyone!

Just got fed up with Windows pushing me broken updates while working/gaming and causing black screens. Treat me well please!

So, anyways, after successfully installing Manjaro on an NVME, and now currently running it, I ran into an interesting problem with the latest RT kernel (interesting to me, perhaps not to more experience users).

Kernel version 5.9_rt16-1 causes the following message to pop up at boot: mount: /sys/firmware/efi/efivars: unknown filesystem type ‘efivarfs’.

I’ve once gotten past this by sheer luck, or perhaps it’s the backup efi (I read somewhere there is one) firing up instead.

I tried the manjaro-chroot thingie with this but the issue still persists. So I ended up going back to the 5.8.16-2 kernel which is working just fine (reinstalling the OS).

The reason I was after that RT kernel was because my company is working on an animated 2D series using Blender, Krita, DaVinci and Gimp and I was thinking that there would be an improvement in latency using the real time kernel.

Any thoughts on this? Am I wrong trying to use the RT kernel for this kind of workload? Should I try the previous RT kernel 5.6.19_rt12-3? What’s the deal? :smiley:


The 5.9 kernel, regardless is RT or not, has no CUDA support for now, and most of the Nvidia related are still not working properly till Nvidia will patch their drivers. Also, none of the mentioned software will benefit from a RT kernel. Use the 5.8 or 5.4.

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That’s all fine and thank you for the info!

I figured something like this as well.

I can wait, in the meantime, might buy a kickass Radeon and fully commit to team red!

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