EFI installation

I am trying to install on a Lenovo computer but it will only accept EFI it seems. I went into the BIOS to see if I could change to Legacy but it says UEFI with no option to change.
I used Gparted to make a200mb Fat 32 partition so now I would like to know what I do when I get to the point during installation when I am selecting partitions. Do I write /boot/efi somewhere?
If I am successful is it necessary to do this again with another distro installation.

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Start to read here to get past the first hurdle. The guide should get you through the installation.

Failed. I don’t see an option to install bootloader

 Install bootloader. Choose EFI_x86_64 > GRUB (2) UEFI x86_64, DON'T select BIOS GRUB.

11.1 It will ask to format the EFI Partition you created earlier as FAT32, yes can be chosen.

It seems like this is the first time you’re installing on an UEFI system so let’s clear up a few things:

  • You do not have a BIOS system and can’t “go into the BIOS” any more. You’re changing UEFI settings now
  • You seem to have chosen an MSDOS partition scheme and need a GPT partition scheme (different kind of partition table, so I’m assuming you don’t want a dual boot system but to wipe whatever was there before)
  • On top of / (and optionally /home) you now also need to point the installer to the UEFI partition you created for it to be able to mount it on /efi/boot during installation so it can write its Boot/config files).

For more information on UEFI, this is the best resource out there and holds your hand in explaining the difference between NVRAM, EFI boot partition and more.


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