efficiency of linux

MacBookAir 11" 2013 i5 256GB 4GB RAM
Archlinux booting time from refind to gdm to working environment =22s
macOS Catalina booting time to login window 5s to desktop another 25s to load all the desktop things (system monitor and some other plugins on topbar) another 25s=booting time 55s

RAM used after booting ~300MB Arch/i3wm
macOS 2,5GB


55s is still very good for MacOS startup. The 2012 Macs I use at my university can take up to 3 minutes. Congrats on your super fast system! Both Arch and Mac.

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Yeah I am happy with this old machine, it still looks cool after those years, I just had to buy more RAM that time for macOS.... I did not because I was thinking to buy a new mac around 2016 but they came with crappy keyboards and other issues what I did not want to pay the premium for, I wait for ARM based mac :slight_smile: coz I still like macOS.


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