Educational and fun games suitable for children aged 3 to 6

My kids are 3 and 5, and I am looking for some nice games suitable
for them that I could find in standard repos, aur, and snaps, and
install on my Manjaro Desktop and Laptop.

I have installed gcompris game set, potato guy, tuxpaint, neverball...

There are some good games that I am aware of too, but they are still
not suitable for them like freeciv, wesnoth... and such, they'll have to
grow a little bit more for that :slight_smile:

Games focused on learning numbers, letters, developing visuo-motor coordination,
visual and auditory perception, attention.. and such.

So, any suggestions? I am sure I have missed to try a lot of games :slight_smile:

Also is there any nice pinball game on Linux that is not like so... 1992'ish
(like "emilia" pinbal I have tried)?
in terms of graphics /animations / realism? :slight_smile:

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YES!!! PLEASE!!! When I first put Linux on my Dad's computer I tried to find FOSS pinball game to make happy, until I discovered that Microsoft's Pinball could download and installed via Wine. This both of us happy.

Extreme Tuxracer

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I am looking for Linux native games, I know what I can find on Windows...

I have steam too, so if there is something on steam that works on Linux, it would be nice.

I know of those, I was thinking of games that are more like gcompris...
(which is great, I already have that one installed)

Blinken (simon says)
Audiosurf (steam) - hand eye coordination moving an object in time to baby shark :wink:
Palapeli - jigsaws

also, try broadening the field with PlayOnLinux (clever frontend for WINE that does a lot of the donkey work for you) as well as Steam. PlayOnLinux has an extensive database of supported games in it already but also you can check on WineHQ to see if any missing will work as well.

I suggest look from some existing steam games.
Some are Linux native (e.g. Portal), but most of them should be playable with Proton.

What about Rabbids Coding? That's now free for a limited time from Ubisoft's uplay store. You may be able to run it via Lutris.

If it's suitable for age like 3 to 5-6, I will give it a try :slight_smile:

Ah, I see, it's something like Scratch.

Btw, Scratch from guys form MIT is fantastic. Nice thing is that is does not
have to be installed, just works online, too. And it it translated on Serbian.

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Scratch looks good too, I just thought they might like to interact with crazy Rabbids as well :slight_smile:
There should be a pingu one, that would be awesome for Linux and funny for parents as well as kids.

Most important thing is that an adult sits together with the child and explains the rules of the game. I think that Gcompris is exactly right for both 3 and 6 year olds, but the rules need to be explained to the children, because some of the games are clever and funny, but not easy to understand. But it's definitely worth the effort!

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I agree, gcompris set of games is the first thing I install for kids. There are a lots of games
that are good for different age, I usually let them chose what they want :slight_smile:

There is also Tuxmath, but it needs to be build from AUR, a bit tricky, because the library also needs to be build from AUR. But it is a good addition to the math lessons at first grade primary school. Addition until 10 or 20. There are also more difficult tasks like multiplication and division at higher levels available, but I don't know how long children will still like to play it. (I wonder if it has modulo operations, hexadecimals for example. :rofl:)

Why is it better than browser based games? Most of those are proprietary and commecially (or politically) indoctrinating.

On educational side there are a lot of cool stuff for kids inside Endless OS it seems, especially for educational purposes:

Probably more for 6 than 3 years old, but still worth checking out they've put a lot of effort in there :slight_smile:
I really liked one called Hack :upside_down_face:

On a fun side though, i'd highly recommend Machinarium and Samorost 3:

Both are work of art, and available as DRM-free on GOG!

All of my suggestions probably geared more towards general brain development, logic and learning, than visio-motor coordination though...
Still - have fun! :partying_face:

Thank you for suggestions, I will try them :slight_smile:

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