Editor that can autocorrect diacritics into text input?

Is there an editor that can use dictionaries or algorithms to automatically replace “simple letters” with umlauts or letters with the correct accents?

So by autocorrection (preferably already during the text input) the right diacritics are inserted according to the respective language.


  1. Italian:

input: Perche l’aria nelle citta e cosi cattiva? Piu che in campagna, e molto peggio.

output: Perché l’aria nelle città è così cattiva? Più che in campagna, è molto peggio.

  1. “Crossword German” (Ae=Ä, oe=ö, ss=ß, etc):

input: Besser der Foerster fluechtet die stinkende Stadt, weil er um die Gefaehrdung seiner aeroben Lungenfunktion weiss.

output: Besser der Förster flüchtet die stinkende Stadt, weil er um die Gefährdung seiner aeroben Lungenfunktion weiß.

  1. French:

input: A Lisbonne, on peut respirer l’air nucleaire d’une metropole, mais le niveau de vie est egalement tres eleve dans les petits villages des Acores.

output: À Lisbonne, on peut respirer l’air nucléaire d’une métropole, mais le niveau de vie est également très élevé dans les petits villages des Açores.

On the web you various translation tools show that the recognition and correct interpretation of texts lacking diacritics does not pose a problem. But is there also an offline autocorrection of this kind for any text editor?

The background of my question is that I’d like to make my mind up which keyboard, which keyboard layout, which editor to use and how to speed up text input without having to learn tons of special characters for 3 or 4 languages

I believe libreoffice does.

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Yesterday I tested in LO writer and could not make it autocorrect anything in real time or anything without explicit user confirmation (though the settings looked right to me). Moreover, the autocorrection seems to be solely based on a list of the most common typos and their correction, not on dictionaries.

Maybe I missed something, as I usually do not use word processors and therefore are not too skilled in their usage.

And even though I’d rather use an editor, also LO writer would be very welcome when it comes to text input, if it could master the task.