Editing topics in Tutorial section



As jonathon said, the feature is there to help fix spelling mistakes or improve formatting, but I thought that it was reserved to ‘Regulars’ (which I’m not anymore)?
Or is it ‘Members’ as well?
Just curious.

Maybe add a sticky post with each user level’s rights?


So, even YOU lost your regular?! I definitely think the barrier is set to high then.


I was absent and didn’t login for over a month, that explains it.


On a side note: I’ve always disliked the Discourse forum software (for many reasons), though this situation is likely configurable, though I expect that it suits the powers that be for it to be the way it is…

I find it to be particularly irritating that if a person, for whatever reason, doesn’t post for a little while, then certain tools get locked on them.

I’ll be quiet now…


I wonder if you could be bumped back up to the necessary TL3 is it? by forum staff. it’s not like you’re going to abuse the system and your usual contributions here are exceedingly informative and therefore highly valued by me and of course many others.

#torvicforpresident :wink:


I wonder if there is a way to leave a lock or something on certain users.

(that said @torvic … may I ask the obvious and have you actually tried editing one of those posts?)


Who writes us a script (crontab | systemd timer) that logs us in here every 3 days? :smiley:


Nah I’m not too worried about my ‘level’, I was expecting that when I took a break, and I’m not contributing as much as I used to.

I was just astonished that I could edit a tutorial topic (no I haven’t tried it, but the Edit button is there) as a ‘Member’.
Always thought that editing was reserved to ‘Regulars’.