Editing date format on Gnome 3.38.3 desktop

Hi, guys! This is my first time trying out DE: GNOME 3.38.3 on Manjaro, and well my locale is en_US.UTF-8 but I really need my date format to be dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy/mm/dd (and not the default mm/dd/yyyy). I was wondering if this could be edited without much dirty work. I don’t want to go far from mainstream… and if this wasn’t possible I might live with it anyway. So, just checking.

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Ehm, I’ve solved it this way:
1 - Manjaro Settings Manager > Locale Settings > Add English (United Kingdom) en_GB.UTF-8 > apply!
2- Then Settings > Region & Language > Formats and there I stated that I preferred United Kingdom format.

Thanks @Fabby for helping me out. :heart: :beers:

Thanks @Fabby for walking me through this process. I’m quite new to this forum.

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