Edited post regarded as "new" at least for sake of sorting


New-ish to the forum, and after by now many times having hunted around for “the new post” in some given thread after on the frontpage seeing that thread moving to the the top of the list, I just noticed that is/can be an edit on a post that causes this rather than a new post as such.

I can see why an edit could be “new content” and warrant being treated same as a new post in that way but generally speaking I’d feel it does not – and given the fact that I tend to make 2 spelling or grammatical error per word on average that I see only after posting I’m a little unkeen on this behaviour: knowing now that I’m pestering forum users with edits in that sense makes edits less nice/useful I feel.

I also came from a forum (a phpBB one) where this was not the case, and other than that above sense of making it easier/better to correct small things it there also functioned to in fact discriminate between small “by the way”-type edits and things you’d actually want to be very sure poster saw before moving on: you’d use a new post only in latter case.

Is there a way to tell whichever forum software you guys are using to as far as possible ignore edits for sake of notifies/ordering in that phpBB sense, and if so, would you consider this a good thing to set?

With the current setting at least I will consider corrections to own posts “less nice”; don’t as said want to pester forum users…

Hello @rene1 :wink:

It simply sorted by activity. When you edit a post, then it creates new content, just like on a wiki. There is a history and diffs between all edits, but hidden for non-wiki posts.

Discourse is used here. I think it is good to sort threads by activity. That prevents the dumb “bump” posts. Just add new things to your main post and it is bumped.

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Thanks for the reply. Well, I as said feel it fairly unwanted for “little edits” – typos, grammos, by-the-ways, … – and while I admit the best solution could be to make fewer little errors – yah, well, I’ve been using forums for a fair time now, and I’ll wish myself good luck with that one…

Considering we want people to edit their last post rather than posting multiple messages in succession, having edits count as thread updates is welcome.

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Moderators have the Reset Bump Date option, but otherwise any activity is “new” and will bump the post to the top.


And I take it then that at least for now the communis opinio is that such is a good thing.

Well, so be it I guess, but me no likey :slightly_frowning_face:

Well in all honesty, a correction IS a change to the topic, and as such I feel it’s correct to regard those posts as containing something “new” :wink:
(It’s only logical)

Now if only logic would have anything to do with the human condition.

Yes, yes, fine. Me no likey; you’z all likey…

Trust me i correct my own posts maybe more as you :rofl: