Edit the "reply to" of a post

Is there any way to edit a post in such a way that the “reply to” field is removed/changed?

It’s all too easy to hit reply on the wrong post, write a long message and post. Only later to realize you replied to the wrong person. Is there a way to edit this other than deleting the post (which results in a “post removed” placeholder) and copy pasting the content into a new message?

Copy, delete current post, reply to correct post, paste.
Otherwise, I dont know of a way.

I think you can just edit your post, and then hit the correct “reply” button and then “save” the post.

EDIT: Nope, Does not work like that. :frowning:

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you can change the ‘reply to’ before posting a response by clicking another reply button, but not after it is posted

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