Edit the boot list names, grub2 theme, Deepin?

So I changed my grub2 theme, and i need to know:
How to edit every OS’s name in the boot list ?
Please your help, Thank you Manjaro’s World :innocent:

Good question!,However, I dont know :frowning:

Great :smiley:

Depending on the number of other OS’s you’re having, there are a few options.

o You can just manually edit grub.cfg to what you want, make a back up (of the modified) in case you forget.
But remember it will revert to the ‘system’ grrub menu when there is an update-grub (done automatically after a kernel change) and you need to redo (that’s the backup for).

o You can have a custom.cfg of the other OS’s in the form you want, either booting configfile, multiboot, chainload or directly the sym-links of the kernels. And disable os-prober so ‘regular’ other OS does not appear. But it doesn’t change the form of the ‘default’ OS, which you can also add to the custom.cfg in the form you like to use.

o Change the form of /etc/lsb-release and /etc/os-release so it picks up the form you want. But I’d advise against it. (and sytem upgrades will revert back)

o Or you can you own grub in whatever form you want.

But generally for most, I’d suggest just let the system do its job. Leave it alone. It’s pretty enough.
Of course if you have 4 or more Manjaro’s, it might be a bit confusing which entry it is supposed to be.
But you’ll gain another badge here. :grin:

[edit] - strongly advise against installing grub-customizer

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Yeah you’r right, i have just three Manjaro’s, Deepin+XFCE+Gnome…

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