Edit Conky uptime line with awk or sed and how?

Hi all

I would like to modify my conky conf on the uptime line, actually looking like this:

${voffset 6} ${goto 16} $font${color} ${font arial:size=11}Uptime:
${voffset -20} ${goto 72} $font${color} ${font arial:size=11} ${uptime}

Result is:

What i would like is no more seconds displayed, from “2h 14m 33s” to → “2h 14m”
I even don’t know if sed is more appropriate for that kind of selection and i readed nothing about sed, but i’ve read the man awk and of few web about awk like here:

But too difficult for me it remains like chineese, tried a few things from the exemples but nothing worked

How to edit the uptime line?

This stack overflow issue seems relevant:

It has some examples to filter/concert/display the uptime using different methods and my guess is that it could help you get the correct solution.

Did you look at


Seconds go away after 1 hour.

If that isn’t sufficient, search for examples using awk.