Edgers-xorg Drivers

Years ago I updated my Linux installation and was left with no display. I managed to remedy this situation by trying something radical, I thought. I downloaded Edgers Nvidia drivers, supposedly tweaked and debugged. And it worked!!!

Are Edgers drivers people still around and active? What is the status of Edgers these days?

I have not found them anywhere usable for Arch based distros, but for Ubuntu they still seem to be alive:

UbuntuUpdates - PPA: xorg-edgers

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Might be good to remember for our Netflix laptop running Mint xfce with its Nvidia hardware.

xorg-edgers is an Ubuntu PPA made because aren’t updated enough, especially on aging Ubuntu version, a problem that on Arch-based don’t exist.
For the more adventurous in the AUR there are mesa-git, xorg-server-git, etc…