Eclipse is not in repos anymore

Hello gang,
I wanted to pick up my Java again after some downtime.
Java has always been a fav of mine as it is the first language I got to grips with OOP…
So, I wanted to grab the ol’ trusted Eclipse and found it was no longer in the repo. It is on Flatpack and AUR, though.
Which one can be trusted the most?
Thanks a ton
:rose: Melissa :rose:
edit : I dont want to spark of a row or controversy…I just simply have no experience with either…thanks :people_hugging:

It depends on who you want to trust more.

The AUR package maintainer or the Flatpak package maintainer.
More than likely they are both just regular people doing a service.

AUR has the advantage, that it uses system libraries to build against.
Flatpak has the advantage that it’s contained, so all it’s going to need it provided within that flatpak.

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So the Flatpak one has everything and does not need to modify the system…while the AUR one may need some extras but results in a leaner result…am I correct?

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Yep. The AUR package is just like a repo package, except that it’s maintained by a random user and often needs to build/compile to install.
Flatpaks are already built.


Thanks. In the Arch Linux universe, the AUR is something like “use at your own risk”…but…that’s what Linux basically is…and then, when stuff crashes…I learn something :smile_cat:
:hugs: big hug :hugs:

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With the Aur you can read the Pkg build so you can see what is being installed /if there’s any malicious code. The pinned comments also help and if it’s quite a popular program any malicious code would be found and reported very quickly.
At the end of the day it’s what you feel most comfortable with but a lot of aur packages are maintained by manjaro team members


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