Easyeffects stopped working

some upgrade seemed to introduce a problem of massive delay while shutting down which seemed related to easyeffects, i.e. shut down quicker if physically shut down easyeffects first

then another upgrade made easyeffects stop working

easyeffects test signal nothing out

two warnings on a pamac upgrade

Warning: lib32-mesa: local (22.0.0-1) is newer than multilib (21.3.8-2)
Warning: python-pyqt5: local (5.15.6-7.1) is newer than extra (5.15.6-7)

Linux 5.10.109-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Mar 28 09:16:20 UTC 2022 x86_64 GNU/Linux

OK no one even read this, people pissed off at me for a short-circuit which I thought I had deleted on another thread, maybe the database was restored and the deletes restored or something.

anyway it is kind of on track of what I said, that in this case easyeffects which was working OK (though I thought not as good as old pulse effects on mx for some reason) then after two pipewire updates it stopped working… and it was a core application I was using to level and compress youtube viddys which are notorious sound level different.

anyway anyway after faffing around (well not exactly wasting time but a time consuming distraction) carla does what I want and seems to work better than easy effects except the problem of a new sink popping up for every new sound connection to pulse and then patchbay connection problems. The arch wiki pipewire entry does propose a solution to that which involves some more config faffing around with the aim of getting a single sink from pulse that is static routed through a standard effects chain. so I will have to test that. sounds dependent on pavucontrol remembering settings.

so kind of solved but really back to the problem of a thing that “just works” and keeps working.

so all you need is to set up the default null sink

pactl load-module module-null-sink object.linger=1 media.class=Audio/Sink sink_name=default_null_sink channel_map=FL,FR

then load/tune/save your effects and hook up default null sink to your chain in carla patchbay, and save after the hookup. would be nice if carla loaded last effect chain or if exists a default chain.

then use pavucontrol (mixer) to set the default to default null sink for the running application and it does seem to remember it…

not ideal because the null sink basically causes carla to be running at 40% load on my low power pc whilst doing nothing… actually just carla and an effects rack with no input hogs cpu… might be cleverer than that… no input sinks no cpu use…

but when in a viddy watching session not to bad to do this first rather than use the systemd units to have it permanently doing nothing at 40% cpu.

pipewire does seem better from several aspects than old pulse/jack/alsa stack in terms of 0 xruns over long-time whilst still in whatever default power save cpu mode is…

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