Easy off-line import of contacts in Phosh (Plasma like)?

For several reasons I prefer Phosh before Plasma on my two PinePhones
(the main reason is unstable gsm and data connection with Plasma, at least in my region).

The most-wanted functionality, I still miss in the latest Phosh versions, is a simple function for contact-files imports. I do not use on-line services and do not store my data out of my house, in clouds. That is why I use VCF files.

There is a direct menu option in Plasma for VCF files imports.
In the Phosh, on the contrary, I currently have to install Evolution (sudo pacman -S evolution + scale-to-fit evolution on).

Is there any possibility to add an easy and quick contacts-import menu, to the Phosh?

Yes, put the file(from evolution config on your PC) on a usb-c pendrive and paste in the config folder of evolution under home. That’s how I do it after a new install.

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