Easy Audio Switching in Gnome

Hi, is there an easy way to switch audio output device from internal speakers to Bluetooth headset, and vice versa - just by clicking the volume icon (or something similar) on the system tray.

I am looking for a quick and simple way to switch back and forth, instead of going into settings>sound; or opening Pavucontrol, or any similar app for this purpose.

Thanks !

for a system tray control suggest you try pasystray

Not sure how well that will work in GNOME since it mentions there are AppIndicator issues.

There is a handy GNOME Extension that does work well at least for GNOME 3.36: Sound Input & Output Device Chooser


Thanks. I tried this, but looks like Gnome does not allow apps to minimize to systray anymore. :frowning:

Thank you! This seems to be working.

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