Easier to setup Manjaro on Windows PC or Mac?

I am new to Manjaro and Linux. I want to install Manjaro onto either an old Intel Mac Mini (around 2014) or a Windows PC running Intel i5. I want to run it as a headless machine

Any suggestion whether Mac or Window PC hardware is better?

Linux setup on Windows PC is easier than Mac Mini.
I think Mac Mini has some special boot security against installing other OS, but you can disable it.


Apple makes their hardware solely for software they can control. Installing Linux on it have been repeatedly proven quite difficult, if even possible.

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Your mac mini should give no issues at all, intel hd/iris graphics are fully supported, there is no nvidia. Try it out, boot manjaro from usb (options key) and check.

I’d expect graphics issues with heavier kde/gnome/cinnamon desktops but since it’s to run headless the only serious limitation would be the drive performance, in case it’s still the original spinner or hybrid.

if you have the choice buy a notebook without OS and put linux on, or if it is already Windows installed, delete Win partition while install…

Do yourself a favor and check with a live USB - I don’t know much about mac but I remember fidling with a Mac Mini half a decade ago and the bugger was 32-bit.

If you just want to use it headless - a raspberry pi and vnc over ssh will do it.

Mac’s are a royal pain. I have an older Mac (mid 2010) and the only way to make it boot properly is to trick it into thinking it’s a Windows 7 install.

Intel i5 system is likely to be easier for installing Manjaro
But hardware scans show a number of Mac Mini systems running Linux
Apple Macmini 7,1 | linux-hardware.org
So you could try booting a Live ISO on the mac and see if everything is working as expected

thanks everyone, I have now successfully installed Manjaro bare metal on the old Windows PC hardware, which has 8gb RAM , Intel i7 2 core, and 120gb SSD

I am using Firefox to access this forum now. So far as good, even have 1password successfully installed.

A lot more to learn from you guys :laughing:

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