Dying Light wont run using Primusrun....

So! Hello all!

I have an issue when i try to play games on steam through proton occassionally that they just seem to start and crash, now as for Dying Light, i set the launch options in steam,

PROTON_LOG=1 primusrun %command%

so i can get an output log of whats exactly going on. well whenever i dont use primusrun,or optirun for that matter, the game starts, but of course performance tanks, and im not sure exactly if this is a mesa issue, or an issue just with proton, or some mismatch of two or more issues.
Here is the output log for reference, and I am using proton to run the game as when i tried to run it using the native linux binary i couldnt start the game at all. Something to do with GLEW incompatabilities and some libraries not loading correctly that I just could not fix.


Any help is greatly appreciated, as I've tried a few methods already trying to get this game to work at all with primus. Cheers :grinning:

Some good information to include would be

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host

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