Dwm not showing in lightdm log in screen

So i installed dwm from source and it all went great. It says that dwm is installed but when i leave my i3 session to change to dwm there's only i3 and i3 debug option.

How can i launch dwm?

exec dwm

If you compiled and installed dwm from source keeping the defaults, its executable has to be in /usr/local/bin/.

In this case you have to create a new .desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions/ using the command

sudo nano /usr/share/xsessions/dwm.desktop

and paste the following content in it:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=dwm window manager

Save the file using Ctrl+o and exit using Ctrl+x.

Then all you have to do is logout and choose dwm for your session in your display manager.

dwm uses st as the default terminal emulator. If you didn't change that prior to compiling dwm, it would be a good idea to install st (or st-manjaro from the repos) in order to be able to launch a terminal while in a dwm session.


Am i ?

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So the i3 was not running. Why would you then say this, especially as reply to me

when you specified the i3 was not running for your user?

Switch to TTY2 for instance and run the command i mentioned.

Anyway, you got the perfect reply form @bill_t ... have you done that already?


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