Dvgrab no camera exists

Hi I am a newbie. I want to capture video recorded on a sony DCR-HC 21 using a fire wire. I have the correct cord from the camera to the fire wire card. Installed dvgrab. terminal says: no camera exists. I find very vague information on checking if the fire wire card is seen by Manjaro, how to check if every step along the way is there; or I might not understand what the instructions are telling me. Can anyone walk me through it? I would certainly appreciate it.

It would probably be useful to know which instructions you are referring to.

… similar to the above: in response to what?

There are different sites that tell me to check things like are you in the video group? Is your kernel handling your fire wire card? is your firewire seen by your computer? I know I am using kernel linux 6.0.5_rt14-3.


you know - we don’t :man_shrugging:

dvgrab says to install it and hookup your camera to firewire. run dvgrab in the terminal with your camera on play. That’s all I know. Trying to troubleshoot “no camera exists” leads me down numerous paths like mentioned before. One even suggested to go into /etc/mod prob.d/Blacklist-firewire conf. Raw 1394. another suggestion says it sounds like a permissions issue. Try finding the dev file used by the capture device (usually raw 1394) and cmod 666 or 660 maybe you have the drivers but no permission to use them.I have no clue.

… but you just mentioned that there are these numerous paths - never actually what or where they are

I have got no firewire device and thus have zero experience in dealing with those.

likely the module is missing or not loaded automatically
… or the cable is faulty …

have a log running in a terminal
journalctl -f
and see what the system is seeing when you plug in and disconnect your device - if it can see anything
that would be my first step to approach the problem

If the system can’t see anything - any state change - it won’t do anything.

By paths I mean numerous sources on the internet where I inquired about the same issue.
The cable is ok. what module would be missing or not loading?
I’ll try the journalctl -f and let you know.

I know that - I tried to persuade you to tell us the addresses of these sources - or what exactly they where “telling you”.
… so we could know what you where told …

that should yield at least some information to go on

unplugged camera : Feb 01 17:15:50 bob-Ruah-21-3-7 systemd[587]: Started Konsole - Terminal.
Feb 01 17:15:50 bob-Ruah-21-3-7 konsole[5698]: kf.xmlgui: Shortcut for ac
tion “” “Show Quick Commands” set with QAction::setShortcut()! Use KActi
onCollection::setDefaultShortcut(s) instead.
Feb 01 17:15:50 bob-Ruah-21-3-7 konsole[5698]: kf.xmlgui: Shortcut for ac
tion “” “Show SSH Manager” set with QAction::setShortcut()! Use KActionC
ollection::setDefaultShortcut(s) instead. I know there is a shortcut for the terminal output but don’t remember it , sorry.I have no idea what those above mean.

That above is the only difference between plugged in and unplugged.

you open a terminal
you type:
journalctl -f
hit enter

and then watch the output

I don’t know what you just posted.
Terminal output is actually legible when you format it as code (preformatted text)
this button: → </> up in the top row

I opened the terminal entered journalctl -f ; hit enter with it plugged in. I got many lines of output; what is the shortcut to show you what it is?

I don’t know what you mean by shortcut - I think this is simple enough.

It will appear here just like you saw it in the terminal.

I’ll be leaving now, but keep watching to learn in case I face a similar situation.