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Hi all, yesterday i installed linux manjaro. I tried zorin os 16 pro for 3 weeks, i did like it but i was a pain in the ass to manually install the latest nvidia driver. Things got messed up that my screen was tearing a bit, so i decided to try manjaro as it is updating everything without me having to do anything. I already saw i am on the latest nvidia driver :slight_smile:. I am new to linux, so i hope i can get some small things to work later (windows games).

Anyway to make a long story short haha, i found some english text in the dutch translation.

New folder = Nieuwe Map
New Document = Nieuwe Document
Paste = Plakken
Select all = Alles Selecteren
Arrange Icons = Pictogrammen rangschikken
Arrange By…= Schik op…
Show Desktop in Files = Toon bureaublad in bestanden
Open in Terminal = Openen in Terminal
Change Background = Verander Achtergrond
Display Settings = Scherm Instellingen
Desktop Icons settings = Bureaublad Icoon instellingen

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:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

  1. Please read this:
    [HowTo] become a Manjaro power user when you're a wizard at Windows but a N00b at Manjaro / Linux
    Especially the section What’s this Upstream / Downstream business???
  2. then file a bug upstream…


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If we’re going to be pedantic… :stuck_out_tongue: :arrow_down:

Nieuw Document ─ not “nieuwe


Rangschik op…

Scherminstellingen ─ one word

Icooninstellingen Bureaublad

:belgium: :stuck_out_tongue:

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