During pamac update of AUR packages: "parallel: Warning: $HOME not set. Using /tmp"


at the end of the update of my AUR packages in pamac, I had the following message that I can now read in the /var/log/pacman.log:
[ALPM-SCRIPTLET] parallel: Warning: $HOME not set. Using /tmp.

In this forum post, @GaVenga wrote :

missing in .zshrc

Since my shell used is bash and not zsh, I have found no ~/.zshrc on my computer. I have looked quickly on the parallel file for bash, namely ~/.bashrc and have not found a line with ZDOTDIR= in it.

Should I change my shell from bash to zsh?

Or what should I do? And what exactly this following line mean?
[ALPM-SCRIPTLET] parallel: Warning: $HOME not set. Using /tmp.

Thank you for your attention!


I’m on cinnamon running bash and always get the same error about parallel and home not set using tmp. It doesn’t seem to have affected anything so I just ignored it. Be nice to know what it actually is though

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in the mean time I fixed this with ((!) additional entry (!)):

# due to parallel error:
export HOME="/home/[username]"


That makes many things easier - as I am on Gnome, zsh is the default anyway.
“How to” is described in the forum.
A working .zshrc can be obtained by copying this file from an actual Live-USB (Gnome)
(start the Live-medium and copy file to another USB-flash-drive).

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Doctor WHO? - Should be valid for cinnamon too.

Thanks @GaVenga and @sawdoctor for your answers!

In which file, have you written this lines? In ~/.zshrc ?

As I am on Xfce, bash seems to be still the default shell, don’t it?
@philm wrote here this summer:

Gnome edition uses ZSH and Plasma and XFCE still bash.

At least bash is the default shell on my Xfce machine.
In the same thread, @cscs wrote:

Considering zsh still isnt a perfect drop-in replacement for bash …

So I don’t know if it is worth to change from bash to zsh…

Thanks anyway!

Yes. (not testet: .bashrc) … And philm is right. always. :innocent:

Simply test it with a live-Gnome-medium?

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