During lock screen steam games uninstalled and cant get them to run again

so long story here but i was playing vampire survivour and had to go deal with my dogs and when i came back it was crashed, i searched the logs and found a few entries saying that the games have been uninstalled, i tried running steam and it had to update. after that i had to reinstall the games and was able to get risk to run once or twice but was unable to purchase anything from the store. vampire survivor i lost all my saved data but it runs. i have tried numerous things to try and get risk to run again but am unable to even with the launch options i had used previously and a few that didn’t while i was messing with it to try and get it to run the file system was acting as read only but the permissions where showing -rwxrwxrwx for 99% of files and directories so i was unable to save or alter any of the debug scripts, as they where dumped prior to me migrating proton folders to another drive so that they would be preserved while uninstalling and reinstalling steam. at some point while messing around the steam library disappeared from my drive after restoring from the backup made prior to this.
tried reinstalling risk several times with various launch options and did that with no success.
tried several versions of proton no success,
verified game files after moving, tried reinstalling the proton versions. i am at a loss now on what to do.
i have some saved log files, but forgot to back em up before i started messing around…
i will be trying to uninstall and delete all files reboot and reinstall everything. any help would be appreciated, attaching lshw and the error log showing the uninstall crassh errors, on the other hand i dont see how to attach a file to the post.

It’s highly unlikely that your computer uninstalled your games by it self, especially while the screen was locked.
I would ask around in your home who has messed with your computer while you were outside…