During Covid-19 restrictions... will manjaro keep rolling?

Just wondering since full lockdown in inevitable, how are you guys planning to move things forward while lockdown is in place?? ie updates etc

A short beforehand about the situation

Yesterday was released a big stable update. 10 days prior to it there was another one, always with an announcement.
Are you asking also about testing and unstable? On unstable i had an update for pamac. That means Manjaro team is fixing things :slight_smile:


that's good to know. i suppose that most of the team are used to either working from home or at the office is suspect

Manjaro is the least of your worries my friend.

Stay well and roll on...


what does that mean?? does this mean that maintenance will stop for the time being?

Not in the slightest. That is what he means. :wink:

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Of course not!

What does "roll on" connote?


That first of all is important to be concerned with your and Manjaro team safety, and not be concerned what will happen with Manjaro OS for the next 10 days of general quarantine. :slight_smile: All branches have the latest packages already ...


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Yeah, I wasn't sure where to put it, and #general-discussion completely eluded my mind. I am currently in the middle of trying to hunt down a weird issue at one of the three forums I administer.


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There is no Office building to close as far as I'm aware. Manjaro distribution is maintained from people's homes anyway so no change providing the guys and gals don't get sick :slight_smile:

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praise the Lord for the internet

Um, no.


I thank the US military and TimBL :wink:


Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG is a remote working company. All our employees work from home, except our accounting and consulting partner firm. Some of our regular community developers have normal day-to-day jobs. Some are in IT Support, others do Catering or work at University or offices. Our students are now mostly home, due to the lockdowns.

We are in constant chat with our developers via Telegram and update ourselves as needed. Meetings with partners work either by phone or video meetings. So in general we will update Manjaro OS as usual and will release our Hardware with a slight delay. This will be the upcoming PinebookPro, the Intel based InfinityBook, AMD Ryzen Laptop and the PinePhone. All teams work more or less normal these days.


consulting partner firm??

everything else sounds great

There are many ways to do taxes and laws in Germany. Either you do it in-house our you have partner firms. Manjaro has a holding and several partner firms with the needed experts in Germany and the States. Since we have a global brand we also have global customers. This is normal.

thanks. now i understand

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