Duplicate user-dirs.dirs in build iso


I am making custom Manjaro distros based on Gnome and one thing I can’t figure out is the fact that I get duplicate user-dirs.dirs. So 2 of downloads folders, 2 of pictures, and so forth. I am using skel to copy customisations from my test build into new builds, so I am guessing it has something to do with the file user-dirs.dirs - but with or without it there is the same result. When I leave it on in the skel it contains the following:

# This file is written by xdg-user-dirs-update
# If you want to change or add directories, just edit the line you're
# interested in. All local changes will be retained on the next run.
# Format is XDG_xxx_DIR="$HOME/yyy", where yyy is a shell-escaped
# homedir-relative path, or XDG_xxx_DIR="/yyy", where /yyy is an
# absolute path. No other format is supported.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the help :wink:

EDIT: to clarify I am not getting a duplicate file “user-dirs.dirs” but duplicate folders like downloads an such and I suppose is because of that file.


do not copy user-dirs.dirs in skel delete it if it exist
and make sure you have xdg-user-dirs package in packages-desktop


Thank you! Your advice seems to have solve the issue but needs more testing. Will mark as solution if I can confirm it properly. Thanks!


After more testing that solution didn’t seem to work…I wonder why


your skel should not contain any home directory like download music video
check the case if they are included.
and add only needed config remove everything redundant.you can check manjaro-gnome-setting package content as example


It is weird because sometimes I get that sometimes I don’t…anyways, thank you very much will keep and eye on it!


Your skel should just contain any files you want to use instead of or on top of the defaults.
It could for example only contain your .config folder.



Yup my skel only contains a few files/folders: .config .fonts . .local (with a few selected folders) .masterpdfeditor and .mozilla

Actually I will share the entire folder here if anyone wants to have a look at to maybe detect where the issue might be with the duplicate thingy :stuck_out_tongue:



From what I understand of the problem, I would simply look for it (in hidden folder too !) in the buildiso working folder, so in /var/lib/m-tools/blah/blah/desktopfs/etc/skel that reflects ALL what you get in your $HOME (& so, an excess/hidden user-dirs.dirs !).

Once found & deleted, the buildiso -c option could save time for a quick rebuild, the whole problem remaining hidden in your original desktop-overlay ! :wink:


Ok so this is all of the skel folder “insides” that I am using https://www.dropbox.com/s/zevedfon8aqswow/tromjaro.tar.xz?dl=0 - I have tried to remove all of the unnecessary files from there. I do customized a bit certain applications and settings so I need some stuff, but if anyone has the time do you think there’s something suspicious there that should not be kept?



remove pulse from .config