Dual SIM mainline Linux phone


I’m looking for a dual SIM mainline Linux phone, preferably of course with Manjaro Linux. PinePhone unfortunately does not support multiple SIM cards.

FX Tex Pro¹ X seemed to be a good candidate, but I received an answer by their support that if running a mainline Linux it would support only 1 SIM, although the phone supports two.

So I suppose dual SIM support has not been implemented in Manjaro yet, has it?

Is there any other option (phone) for me? I cannot find any.

BTW: SIM + eSIM would also be an option. But I do not want to use Ubuntu Touch and other Halium based “Linux” phones, because they emulate Linux on top of Android, so Linux inside of another Linux hacked by Google (Android). Nonsense from my perspective.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Correct. Manjaro only works on the PinePhone and PinePhone Pro at this point.

It’s a pity, I’d love to use with two SIM cards! I’m already a happy desktop version user.

did you get confirmation it supports mainline linux? From quick look it seems to be just android and ubuntu touch with it’s driver conversion layer.

So more or less unusable with mainline.

My question was: “Can Pro¹ X run a mainline Linux supporting operation of two SIM cards at once?”

Their answer: “It would only support 1 SIM card.”

So it seems yes, but I would contact them again in your place.