Dual Shock 4 not generating any events when connected over bluetooth

Hey folks,
I have a Sony DS4 v2 controller which is causing me some problems.

If conected via USB, everthing works fine.

If conected via bluetooth, it shows up as Wirless Controller, I can even play sound through it but niether Steam nor KDE game pad settigs don’t detect the controller.

Apropiate devices seem to be created when connected.


/dev/input/event18: Wireless Controller Touchpad
/dev/input/event19: Wireless Controller Motion Sensors
/dev/input/event20: Wireless Controller
/dev/input/event21: Wireless Controller (AVRCP)

I have tried with both 5.8 and 5.10 kernels.
I’m on 20.1 KDE.

Anyone with some pointers how to further debug this? This is my first controller so kind of lost.