Dual monitor problem

Hello. After some time spent with Manjaro KDE I wanted to test deepin DE. But i ran into serious problem. When I tried deepin version on live usb, my monitors were showing the same stuff. I checked settings and they were set as “duplicate” but I couldn’t change it. One of my monitors is using DisplayPort, and second HDMI, I’m using Nvidia graphics card. I also need to add than in any other distro and manjaro DE’s everything works as intended, so I think it’s Deepin problem.
Can you help me? Thanks in advance!

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Well, then file a bug with the Deepin Team.

Please also read this:

Especially the “Upstream and downstream” section…


I have the exact same config as you do and here’s how I resolved the problem :
I just opened nvidia-settings and change the config in the menu “X Server Display Configuration”.

Hope it helps someone else in case :slight_smile:

This works! However it resets every time I restart… is there any way to make this “stick”? (I’ve opened an issue: Deepin automatically set to "Duplicate" for dual monitor setup and cannot extend monitors · Issue #2136 · linuxdeepin/developer-center · GitHub)

Yes… you need to write that config in a file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d to make that permanent.

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